Know more about Cyptocurrency

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.[1][2][3] Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency, virtual currency or alternative currency. Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control[4] as opposed to centralized electronic money and central banking systems.[5] The decentralized control of each cryptocurrency works through distributed ledger technology, typically a blockchain, that serves as a public financial transaction database.[6][7].

— Source Wikipedia 

5 things you should know before investing in cryptocurrencies:

1. Do your homework before investing.

2. Be responsible

3. Be realistic

4. Be vigilant

5. Track your investment very often.

How to Buy or Sell or Transfer Cryptocurrency with Coinbase:

Why Coinbase?

Coinbase makes it easy to convert your local currency into and out of bitcoin and other Alt-coins. On this page, you’ll learn how to buy bitcoin and store it securely in a wallet Coinbase supports Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash/Ethereum/Lite Coin. This has hugely made the world of cryptocurrencies more accessible to the average person. Nonetheless, there are tidbits that will help you spurn away potential headaches along the way.

How to Buy or Sell Bitcoin-Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

1.Sign up for Coinbase

This first step is to sign up for a Coinbase account. This will give you a secure place to store your bitcoin, and easy payment methods to convert your local currency into or out of bitcoin.

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2. Connect Your Bank Account

After you sign up, connect your bank account. You’ll need to complete some verification steps before you can use the account. Once the verification steps are complete, you can start a purchase.

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3. Buy and Sell Bitcoin

After starting your first purchase, we’ll complete your buy and deliver your bitcoin. (Sells work the same way but in reverse). The price of bitcoin changes over time, so we’ll show you the current exchange rate before you buy.

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