How to get IPTV Remote for STB App

Getting the Magic Remote will bring multiple features, FIND/Search, add Channels to Favorites, List in Group view and many more.. Download Magic Remote app from Google Play/App Store 2 To begin, connect your STB and Android/IPhone device to the … Read More

IPTV hang or freeze problem resolution

Open STB Emulator APP Select the menu button or hold down the ok button on your remote, then select settings. Under common settings, scroll down and select accelerated rendering and Disable that Under common settings, scroll down and select … Read More

STB is hanging or channels are freezing.

This issue can be resolved very easily, go to settings —> Managed Application —> look for STB —> Clear the Cache.. Note: Please clear only cache, don’t clear Data.

What if there is no Voice

Go to setting and select Media player and change to ljk Profile, this will solve the problem. This issue is mainly due to media player support.

What to do if IPTV hangs

Restart your internet modem once and your Device once. if still an issue open a support ticket.

What if any channels hangs

Please change the channel to next one and come back to the one you are watching. Make sure your internet is also in good condition..

How will i get my IPTV Subscription?

Once we get the payment for Subscription package with requested details like MAC Address, we will send you confirmation email with Portal address.

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