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How to get IPTV Remote for STB App

Getting the Magic Remote will bring multiple features, FIND/Search, add Channels to Favorites, List in Group view and many more..

  1. Download Magic Remote app from Google Play/App Store

2 impotenzastop.it. To begin, connect your STB and Android/IPhone device to the same Wi-Fi network and Go to STB app setting

3. Click on Common Setting

4. Click on Remote Control and ensure that the remote control option of your set-top box is turned on

5. Add any password and type in that password to connect to STB app Remote impotenzastop.it.

6. Open your downloaded Magic remote app on IPhone/Android device and scan for STB app pesquisar aqui más.remote connection

7. Click on MAG250 and enter the password for connection

8. You are connected the STB IPTV app remote.

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